Monday, February 19, 2018

President's Day

Nice to have a 3 day weekend! I had last Monday off too for Lincoln's birthday. And next Monday off for Pacemaker Take II . . .

Had mom to hospital this a.m. for pre-pacemaker blood work AGAIN! We went to hospital a week ago Monday (wicked wind and cold and dark 6:30 a.m. grrrrr) to get pacemaker, mom was all prepped, triple showered, stripped, scrubbed, IV'd had all those stickers on her, and we were waiting and waiting, and apparently the doctor then decided to look at the lab work from the week before, and turns out Mom had a UTI and he couldn't/wouldn't do pacemaker. You can bet your ass I will be on phone tomorrow to make sure that lab work results have been reviewed and that UTI is cleared up before we even get close to Monday the 26th, next pacemaker day.

I can't get too pissy about it because the day after we got home Mom spiked a fever so, in retrospect, it is a good thing the pacemaker didn't happen. Would have knocked her flat I suspect. It almost seems like every time we take her out of the house she gets sick. It is crazy.

The first antibiotic for the UTI made mom sick (honestly, she can't catch a break-good thing she is a tough cookie!), so I called and got something different and the improvement was almost immediate, thank God! Her appetite picked up tremendously and with the increased appetite came increased strength.  She is eating good meals, and is asking for frequent snacks, just like the mom I know and love! lol I have been buying/fixing all her faves to tempt her appetite. Taco salad tonight. John called her the Queen of Dips, she is a hummus eating machine and it is so easy to grab her some spinach dip from the deli at Jewel, she loves that! Yeah I could make a big batch, but Kathleen loves spinach dip too, so best just to buy a scoop at Jewel here and there for Jo Ann. Mom still isn't too keen on meat, but honestly she never was, so I'm planning some bean/rice meals to protein her up. She has been hitting the cottage cheese too. And she is enjoying cranberry juice and lots of water.  So she is back on her regular mini-meal/snack schedule and her color is so much better. She was so pale and weak and frail before. It was quite worrisome really, but things are much better now. Her spirit is always good and she never whines. Never. Incredible. What happened to me?! 😇

So we are off to hospital next Monday, the 26th (hopefully), for the pacemaker. Dad felt a lot better after he got his, and I'm hoping Mom does. too

Finnegan has bonded with my new clearance snow flake patterned micro-flannel sheets. I gotta say they are pretty spiffy.

The cats are such good company for Mom, just as they were for Dad. One of them is usually curled up next to her.  And I guess it is good to keep her limber, contorting herself around a sweet feline bed hog friend!

Peace and good health. Mom and I had a good giggle leaving the hospital, mom said "Shhhhh don't let the cardiologist hear . . . but I'm starving, I want a biscuit for breakfast!" lolol And she already asked me if corned beef was on sale yet! When you marry into an Irish family 'tis bound to happen!

Kathleen 💚

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Mom saw the cardiologist today. Luckily John had the day off and he and Joe transported mom to the doctor's office, and I headed over there on my lunch hour. Worked out nicely. We were kind of surprised to hear that when mom was in the hospital there were some stretches of up to 10 seconds where her heart did not beat! Yikes. We had no idea. No wonder the woman keeps falling! Anyway, pacemaker is set up for Monday morning, we need to be there at 7:00 a.m. Doc's office is right across from hospital, so while I went back to work John wheeled mom over for pre-procedure blood work and some other stuff. Pretty nifty. 

We were highly amused in the exam room when mom commented that she hoped it wouldn't be scheduled too quickly, because she needed time to "rest up because she was tired". John and I kind of laughed and made some bad jokes about resting up from what lol she said oh, just a week or two . . . so when the scheduler came out and said Monday, mom was kind of shocked, and when they asked if she had any questions about the procedure she said . . . "THIS COMING MONDAY?" lolol.  Dad had good results and increased energy when he got his pacemaker and we are hoping for and expecting good results for mom too. She has been very tired and weak in the legs, and the pacemaker will help with those issues. Her appetite is picking up a bit too.

I found it somewhat amusing that on the day we went to the cardiologist I had made biscuits and gravy to tempt mom's appetite. We did not tell the doctor that . . . 

That's all folks. 

Kathleen :)

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Well, Mom can't catch a break. She is recuperating from a bug, chills and vomiting and diarrhea. She is on the upswing now. For a few days it was nothing but water and a little 7-UP. She is eating now, not a ton, but her appetite is picking up, thank goodness. She is pale and weak, but now that she is eating things are looking better. We had her to her ortho a week ago Friday, it was wicked cold and windy out,  our first outing since she got home, and it ended up being a very long afternoon.  Appointment was at 2:45, we didn't get home until 5:00. I think she just got chilled through and it really tuckered her out. Then the bug hit her on Saturday.

The good news at the ortho is her hip is healing fine. He wants to see her one more time in 2 months. I made an appointment with her GP for Monday. We were supposed to do a follow-up after her discharge from rehab, but the cold was so wicked, and it was slick out, and she was doing so well, I was putting it off. But  we need to see if she has to keep up on some prescriptions that she took after the surgery, if she needs a pacemaker, some follow-up blood work, etc. so we can't put it off any more.

Joe is so good with Mom, just as he was with Dad, so I have no worries while I am at work, for which I am very grateful. And I'm so glad I got a job close to home. I can come home at noon and give Joe a little break and he can have an outing. And his strength is coming in so handy, as Mom is weak from her illness. Her strength is coming back, so I'm positive we will have a good outcome. She missed out on her therapy this week due to her bug, but that will start up again next week. I'm going to see if she can get some extra visits, due to this setback. Mom is tough and in good spirits, thank God, but we don't need any more setbacks!

Enjoying this warmer weather. That cold snap sucked . . . .

Hope all the family is well and happy and flu-free!

Kathleen :)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy New Year!

The cats like to take a ride in Mom's new wheelchair. Here is Midge. Too bad the house is so small. If I win the Queen of Hearts drawing tomorrow I will fix that! I just wheeled Midge back to mom's bed, her favorite spot in the whole world. When Mom gets up to exercise or eat or for whatever reason, Midge sprawls right in the middle of it like she owns it! Amuses Mother to no end. She will not move either, until Mom nearly sits on her. She's a stinker. When I pretend I'm going to sit on her you should see how fast she moves!

Did you know Medicare will give you a wheel chair OR a walker. Walkers are a dime a dozen at the thrift store, so we chose the wheelchair. Medicare will also give you a commode. When you have aging parents you learn a lot of stuff. My friends who have been through it are teaching me the ropes.

Mom is having some ups and downs. She was picking up speed, eating better, color was better, and then appetite tailed off, she was pale, her cold sort of flared up again. Now she is picking up speed again, but her leg is sore. Could be from having physical therapy 3 days in a row this week, then the aide came and Mom had a shower yesterday. Lots of action. She was supposed to go to doc Friday but appointment got rescheduled. I'll be curious to see if she needs to stay on blood thinners, if she needs a pacemaker, etc. Mom says no to the pacemaker, but we'll see about that. I really didn't want to take her out in the wicked winter cold, but we are going to have to go out eventually. Mom's spirits are good, though she does get impatient with herself sometimes. I'm cooking good things to tempt her appetite. She enjoys everything, but only in very small portions. Not me man. I've only gained 5 pounds so far. Or maybe that was from Christmas time, not sure.

Mom reminds me that she is 80 years old, it will be slow going. And she has only been home two weeks after all. Patience patience. Joe is really good with her, they do very well during the day when I am at work, which is a big relief. So things are coming along.

Stay warm and stay home today, it is super slick out!


Friday, December 22, 2017


The boys picked her up this afternoon while I was at work. She has been napping since she got home, but roused herself for some of her favorite pizza! She was so snug and cozy in her bed we let her have her supper there tonight! LOL  She loves her heated mattress pad.  Midge is so happy. Mom is so tired, and battling a cold, and so happy to be home. We are too.

Thank you so much for the cards and gifts and visits and warm thoughts and calls and prayers. Thank God for family and friends.

A joyous Christmas to all.

The Morris Mallaneys 🎄💞

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Trial Run on Bernie's Birthday!

Guess who was home for a bit today? And on Bernie's birthday yet! Dad would have been 98 today, bless his heart. I miss that little old fart. I'm having a lay down on my bed with his cozy White Sox throw on. I think I bought that for him 30 years ago! He loved it. It is still cozy and warm. I took the day off today, and have been cleaning like crazy.

Anyway . . . yep, it was Mom, home for a trial run. It went well. If everything goes as planned she'll be home next Thursday, the 21st. Finn was brave, and even went up to the therapist, but I had to drag Midge out from under the bed . . . she was a bit shy!

The therapist said we could try to get her home sooner, but the extra time will just get her stronger and set her up for success, so we left it for next week. She will have another outing on Friday, to doc's office to get her stitches out. Her roomie, Lucille, got sprung today, so let's keep our fingers crossed that Mom will get another nice roommate, or get to stay alone. Either way she'll be fine. The therapist said about Mom that she must have a high pain threshhold (she does!) and she never whines. So true. Very admirable. Too bad I didn't get that no whining part.

I fortified Mom with some sugar cookies from our annual cookie decorating fun day at Mar's and a slug of diet pepsi and she is back at rehab now. I suspect a nice, long nap will be in order!

Take care all.

Kay :)

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Saw mom this morning over at Park Pointe. She is looking better every day, especially her color. Her appetite is picking up; she had eggs, sausage, toast, juice and coffee this a.m., that is a big breakfast for her. Her roommate is a sweetheart, kind and friendly and smiley. Mom was NOT looking forward to physical therapy! LOL She is definitely sleeping better at rehab than she could at the hospital.

When I visited yesterday a.m. she was on her way to physical therapy. Boy did they put her through her paces! I can't help but remember when Dad was there, I visited him in physical therapy and oh boy, the therapists would make a big deal out of him and fuss over him and he loved the attention. When I got there Bernie said that he had to do good because his sister, Norene, was watching her big brother! That Bernie! LOL

The therapists were concered about the weakness on Mom's right side, and were asking me if she had had a stroke. I told them about her broken right elbow, and now she will be getting some extra therapy to strengthen that side up! Oh boy.

Thanks for the cards, it is fun for mom to open them.  I'd have to say her rehab is coming along, but slowly. I think her appetite picking up is leading to increased strength, but it is going to take some time. All of her responses are appropriate, she enjoys our vists, asks if she has clothes for the next day, so she is taking an interest and keeping up on stuff pretty well.

Kathleen :)