Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sometimes the World Does Not Smell Good

Poor Stinky Midgie
Gosh. I guess the skunk Midge met up with the other night was not her buddy. She tolerated the bath pretty well. I think she did not like the way she smelled either lol. Thankfully she did not take a direct hit, nothing in her eyes, whew, but she did not smell good. The recipe I got from my vet and the internet worked very well. Waaaay better than the tomato juice we used on sweet Pudgie Woo many moons ago. That was before the internet even! Wow. And I gotta say, the Dawn/Peroxide/Baking Soda mix did wonders for my fingernails! lol I fingerprint people at work, and I gotta say, it is the first time in my life I've ever had people pay attention to my nails (at least that I know of! lol), as sometimes I have to help them in the process. Sometimes oops they do not look so hot, I gotta admit.  But after Midge's skunk bath, wow, they were fairly glowing.

While I was bemoaning my lack of zucchini in my last post, I think this baby was out there growing and growing. Not sure how I missed it, but I did. I managed to use the whole think up last weekend, between zucchini chocolate chip muffins, a savory zucchini parmesan bread, and one of our favorite summer veggie dishes, new taters boiled and smashed, then browned off, mixed with garlicky sauteed zucchini, and sprinkleld with parmesan and fresh herbs. Wow. Good eats. I was pretty proud of myself using up that zucchini then, later that night while watering, I found his slightly larger cousin! LOL Still working on that one. I have discovered that parmesan-y zucchini is delicious in an omelette. Especially with some sweet red pepper, yum.

I also have harvested some cherry tomatoes and I have a zinnia blooming. I see a couple little squash out there too. Things are late, but coming along.

Reunion is coming on fast! Can hardly believe it is coming up on a year ago when Finn scratched my cornea on the eve of the reunion. I will wear goggles this year . . .

Pretty quiet around here. Quiet is good though!

Still learning stuff at work, learning this teacher licensure stuff seems to be never ending, but am settling in nicely. It is lovely to be surrounded by friendly, good people. Lucky me!

I was laughing the other day, I told mom I am in the same category as her now. She asked what category that might be . . . . ? And I told her the age 55+. Wowzer. How did that happen?

I did not win the Queen of Hearts drawing yet, but am ever hopeful!

Keep cool!


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Happy (Early) Birthday John!

John's birthday coming up on the 13th. 51! Old old. Early birthday lunch at the Brauer House in Lombard . . .

John loves onion rings.  So does Kathleen They were definitely in top 3 onions rings. Not that I really keep a list (but I sort of do!) lol. A nice horseradishy sauce would have pushed these to the top, but the ranch dressing hurt the rating a bit. Being a cheap, domestic sort of girl, at least with beer, I asked the server to grab me a craft beer that would go well with a burger and this is what he brought me. Not my style, but it tasted good with my burger. From the 2nd Amendment Brewery, oh boy. 
John with his Zombie Burger and bar chips.
Kay's Blaster . . . bleu cheese, olive tapenade, bacon, red onions, sun dried tomatoes and garlic aioli . . . man was that good! 
Almost have a cherry tomato ripe. And I have a ton of zucchini blossoms. By this time last year I had already given away a ton of veg. Oh well. Definitely worth the wait. Had some delicious broccoli rabe for dinner today, have to plant more of that, good stuff.

I wish we could have some cool weather again, This heat is for the birdies.

That's all I got.


Sunday, July 2, 2017


How can it be July already? Where does the time go?

I went over to John's this weekend. He had won a gift certificate to Harcar's Market in Streator. I can tell you I will be going back there! All sorts of goodies in there, including this . . .

It was sort of an anti-vegan meal I guess. I had visions of vegan weeks during my period of unemployment whilst I was doing the vego-matic thing, cleaning/chopping/peeling taters, sweet taters, carrots, onions, garlic, mushrooms, garden beans, asparagus, red bell peppers, poblano peppers, all to be tossed with olive oil and roasted with fresh sage, and then tossed with parmesan, lemon zest and parsley to finish.

It was awesome! I just hope the smoke has cleared lol. John got his good pan screaming hot and put that steak down and didn't touch it until the whole house was filled with smoke. I even saw some flames! Then, after opening windows and doors and turning on every exhaust fan in the house, he flipped that sucker over and then when it was done (and rested of course!) he slapped on a heavenly sauce. Apparently he has seen chefs cook steaks like that on TV. Well it works, let me tell you. And I think having your home smell like a Sizzler or Ponderosa for a while is well worth it for that meal.

The kittens were not too alarmed. In fact they slept through the excitement, having exhausted themselves helping with a basket of freshly dried clothes.

One of John's neighbors was jack-hammering something the entire weekend. I was glad to get home to just a few random firecrackers and lawnmowers. I'm pretty sure if I tried to run a jack-hammer I would only be able to do it for maybe 40 seconds.

Having a bad appliance run, John has to get a new dishwasher. Washer repairman has been called here. He didn't come last week but we are still hopeful. Had been a while since I had been the laundromat, and I have not missed it, though it is an interesting place to observe humans. I think a couple of ladies were horrified by the way I sorted my laundry (I didn't lol) and wow, the lighting at the laundromat is really bright. My unmentionables look better in the dingy basement light. So do I actually.  Oh well. It takes all kinds.

I didn't win the Queen of Hearts Drawing last week, so prolly tomorrow. I bought some tickets for John too, and he'll probably win. LOL   I wish I had Dad's luck, he was always bringing home prizes from the bar.

July 4th will be one year since mother's disastrous fall.

Nice to have a day off this week, too bad it wasn't on a Monday or a Friday!

Happy 4th.

Kathleen A.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!

Gosh 55. Well now it is 55 and one day. What can I say about that . . . ? Hmmmm. I volunteered to clean the mixing bowl. I'm really good at that. It was lemon cake with lemon cream cheese icing and it was awesome.  No, those are not cats on the kitchen table! That is Kay sitting at the cat table . . .

Garden is coming slowly. I do not like this heat!

Job is going well. I'm learning stuff about teacher licensure. There is plenty to learn! Yikes.

Mom is doing well. She is sitting outside quite a bit, and has started reading again, which is nice. I think having that cataract done is the reason for that. She does more around the house now that I'm back at work, and she is doing well, knock on wood. Coming up on a year (July 4th) since her disastrous fall. It is just a damn shame that happened.

Had the cats to the vet and they are too fat! But they are happy. Except they do not like this heat either.

Finn likes his "new" thrift store bed. I gotta say, it is pretty schnazzy. And only one buckaroo!

Nothing much going on round these parts. John and I stopped at the Seneca Cemetery Memorial Day weekend and put some flowers on the Mallaney headstone. Mom didn't want me to go by myself. I think she is afraid I'll fall down the hill. I told her the road by the cemetery gets plenty of traffic, someone would probably report something like that, but it was on John's way home, so it was all good. Plus I am not as intrepid as Bernie was, scaling that hill. I just take the stairs and then walk over to the plot. The boring way. Someone had put a geranium on Grandma Mallaney's grave, which was really nice. I'm happy to report as of this past Saturday it is still blooming and lovely.

I stopped at the VFW and got some tickets tonight for the Queen of Hearts drawing, my first time. I was hoping for a belated birthday present, but I did not win, no one did, and now the jackpot is over $219,000! That explains the big crowd I've been seeing at the V on Monday evenings on my way home from work! Wow. That place was packed.  I think I'll give it another whirl next Monday! Somebody has to win. And Bernie loved drinking beer at his famous "V", I had a few there with him msyelf!   I wish I could have another beer with Bernie for sure.

That's all I got. Peace.

Kathleen A. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Days

Where did April go?

My new job has cut into my blogging time. And my lazing around time! lol It has been a long time since I started a new job! The last time was on July 1, 1983! I'm learning a lot about teacher licensure and am blessed to have very experienced, generous, and friendly co-workers to aid in my training. My office mates are lovely as well, kind and fun and friendly and welcoming. I am very lucky.  I bet 95% of the teachers who phone with questions, when I tell them that I am new, have said "Oh, no problem, we can learn it together!" How nice is that?  I have my first month under my belt now, and am feeling more confident and competent. Whew! And John pointed out that I probably have staved off the onset of dementia by at least 6 months, by starting to use my brain again. Haha lol.

Went to a lovely shower for cousin Monica's daughter, Caitlynne, on Sunday and it was so nice to see a lot of the cousins and NOT at a funeral. A beautiful shower and a lovely time had by all. I was glad Mom wanted to go, she is such a homebody.

Crazy weather! And so much rain, yikes.

Getting some stuff together for a rummage sale over at Mar's this weekend. I'm sure I would have gathered more items if I was still unemployed! lol

Nothing else much going on. I planted some lettuce and onions and radishes, that is it so far. Now I just heard that it might frost tonight! Oh boy. Mother's Day weekend I'm hoping John will come home and help me do some planting. I cannot wait for a garden tomato! Yum. Looking forward to zinnias too.

Spent the weekend at John's and we had a fun day trip to Bloomington putzing around and I got to see his goofy kitties. That is always fun.

That's all I got. Or at least all I can remember! lol

Oh, and my sweet kitties are 8 now! Goodness doesn't seem possible. A couple of my fave photos . . .


Kay :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I'm sorry Chuck Barris

Midge and I are looking forward to the garden.

Went to a St. Patrick's Day party Saturday night. Had a lot of fun and enjoyed my corned beef, colcannon, creamed cabbage and pumpernickel bread. I did not enjoy my euchre hands grrrrr. And I enjoyed the company of course. One of the guys announced that Chuck Barry had died, and proposed a toast and everyone heartily agreed. While I was happily swilling my beer I thought, "Wow, I had no idea my friends were so interested in the host from the Gong Show!"  Beer always tastes extra good on St. Patrick's Day due to my Irish Mallaney heritage. It was green beer too. I think I almost convinced one of my friends that I bought green Bud Light in a can at the liquor store. And I thought I was THE MOST GULLIBLE PERSON IN THE WORLD.  Fast forward to the next day, I am on the internet and I realize my mistake. It seems that Chuck Barry and Chuck Barris are different people. Fast forward to TODAY, and wow, Chuck Barris died last night! My friend texted me that I jinxed him.  Yikes! I had no idea my green beer thoughts were so powerful.

Mom and Dad would have celebrated their 58th anniversary on March 9th. Hard not to think of Dad in March. Boy did he love St. Patrick's Day celebrations down at the bar(s) with his buds. Always had a ball and came home in a very jovial mood lol. And then fell asleep on the floor, only to rouse himself later for his fave corned beef dinner. Oh the memories. I had a lot of fun picking out his St. Patty's wardrobe.

Mom had her cataract done yesterday. Went very well. She had the other one done 8 years ago, and said it was much more pleasant this time. Eye drop city man, 3 drops, 4 times a day, and I made it though 4 applications before I yelled at her to stop moving and keep her eye open. LOL  My bark is worse than my bite, I swear.

Joe's birthday coming up on the 26th. I'm going to make some of my soon-to-be-famous cupcakes.

Midge has some eye issues too. Given that I just dropped $120 at the vet for Finnegan (the worst fighter in the world-he always loses), I am trying the eye ointment that she got last year for a few days to see if things improve. If she felt bad I'd take her right away, but she is fat and sassy, just a little eye discharge, so we'll give the cheap (free) option a go for a few days. Mom's eye drops are much easier than Midge's.  It will be good to get a paycheck again lol.

I start work on Monday. I go on for a couple of hours Friday for a meet and greet/open house for the girl I'm replacing, then she'll be with me the next week, then I will be on my own. Maybe I can talk her into hanging around longer though? She is nice and a lot of fun. LOL I started my last new job on July 1, 1983. Wow. Old old old.

I have been pretty lucky lately. I mean there is the job, and I won a container of salt in the Jewel monopoly game. Beats the heck out of the stool softener I won last year.

Good luck to all and and happy spring! Just for fun I'm going to throw in some radish and lettuce seeds this weekend! Can't wait to sit outside (before and after WORK this summer lol) and see some pretty flowers in the garden.

(Old) Kathleen A.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Where Did February Go?

Crazy weather. I wore shorts and a t-shirt to John's house, but I had to pack my long underwear and other winter gear because the temperature dropped like 35 degrees the next day! And tornado watch today. Yuck.

Did the vegan thing at John's house for a few days. Well, pizza Sunday afternoon wasn't vegan but I am weak! I am really good at picking out vegan recipes, if anyone needs that service. I am like a maimed veg-o-matic. I spiralized one finger, cut the tip off another, and somehow broke my thumbnail halfway down. My witty friend Mar said "It's not vegan if you get a fingertip in it!" Ewwww and haha. I better replenish John's baid-aid supply . . . This time was different because it was no added oil recipes too, ala Dr. Michael Greger. Though a little did sneak in a couple, not nearly as much as usual.

These were my faves. Stir-fry (no recipe for this, John whipped it up-Kay was on mise), Four Bean Salad, and Black Bean & Yam Salad, recipes from Straight-Up Food blog. Not pictured, but totally delish is Spicy Kale Pesto with Zucchini Noodles from The Simple Veganista and Vegan Stuffed Portabellos from Eat Healthy, Eat Happy. Highly recommend all these. I came home and cooked a pork roast though! I am going to lighten things up around here though. And I mean it this time!

Mom is getting her cataract done. March 21st. Oh boy. I remember when I had mine done. Gosh I'm old!

I have to start work in March! No more hanging out at John's house with the kitties, chopping vegetables and fingers and hanging with his girls. There are still the weekends though! lol And holidays . . .

Hera is a tremendous help with a jigsaw puzzle. She is good at pretty much everything, sort of like Kay.  Except for knife skills.

Beautiful old Springbok jigsaw puzzle from a thrift store. From 1968 and still providing entertainment and beauty. I love old jigsaw puzzles.

Okay. I just heard on the news the words "ping pong size hail" so I'm going to check a few batteries. Yikes.

Stay safe people!

Kathleen A.