Sunday, June 24, 2018

June Days

Thank you John for stopping at the cemetery in Seneca on the way home from your visit yesterday. John parks at the top and walks all the way down, no ditch hopping like Bernie! LOL  Kay parks across the street and climbs the stairs and scoots over. I put the flowers at the cemetery here in Morris for mom's side. No hills, no steps, just nice flat ground. In memory of Bernie I took a ride out there yesterday to see how they look. Bernie would heartily approve.

Mom is doing OK. She has a follow-up with the infectious disease doc this week. I'll be curious to see if she has another (or the same) UTI. She seems a bit weak to me and not overly peppy. She tells me she is just old and tired. LOL We will find out Tuesday.  She is in a good mood and there is nothing wrong with her appetite. She picks Sunday a.m. to start worrying about what days/times her appointments are, rifling through papers and purses and pockets looking for appointment cards and sighing. I suggested that we just phone the docs' offices in the a.m. and get her calendar in order without undue stress. Like John says, everyone needs some way to pass the time. It would just be nice if people could pass their time without annoying Kathleen. Which, sad to say, is easier said than done.

Anyway . . . John was home for a visit yesterday. We had a nice meal from Honest Abe's here in town, sandwiches--- burgers and fries and a garlicky pork poorboy for Kay. Picture Merichka's, but made with pork and a slice of provolone. Wow it is good. Chicken strip basket for Joe. Joe ALWAYS gets chicken wherever we go. Good eats.

As usual my garden looks great . . . from a distance. Don't get toooo close. LOL  Tomato plants are huge. Pepper plants are minuscule, not even high enough to hold the teeny tiny peppers off the ground. Very amusing. After changing my hummingbird feeder 5 times (ants!) last year before seeing a hummer, I delayed putting it out until yesterday. Zinnias are blooming so I hope the hummers come soon. Cheap entertainment. And no worries for the little birds now that Midge and Finn are 9. And sort of fat.

That's all I got. Happy Sunday!

Kay ☺

Monday, June 11, 2018


Happy Birthday to me!

I took today off work, Friday too. I love a long weekend.

Good old R-Place for birthday treats!
I had another day off last week, when I traveled over to John's to do some cat-sitting whilst John was off to his vegetarian, silent meditation retreat. I would be in trouble at a silent retreat. Just saying . . . out loud. Girls were glad to see me as they were out of food! They weren't desperate though, so they couldn't have been out for too long. Spent a couple of nights with them til their person got home. I made them some cozy sleeping spots too. I had some trouble with John's thermostat, so they may have been cold. I was fine, just fine.

Mom took another spill last week, but she did not break anything! Whew. I thought she was a bit overconfident with her walker of late, she was up and about and all over for no good reason. She was just coming from bedroom to living room, and boom. I mean we are here to wait on her! So she takes a spill while pushing her walker and carrying a diet pepsi. Good lord! And she only has one good arm anyway. Gives new meaning to diet pop isn't good for you. She is bruised and sore, but coming along. She called off her visiting physical therapist right after it happened (secretly), but I answered phone next time she called, so physical therapy could commence. I wish I had a picture of the glare mom shot me, amused the hell out of me lol.

Mom enjoyed a pleasant visit with Cousin Pat last week, thank you cousin!

Garden is a mess, but doing well. Can't wait to harvest some veg.

Back to work tomorrow. Summer is busiest time at my new job, days just fly by, which is awesome. Still enjoying my pleasant office and co-workers. Life is good.

Take care all. Do NOT fall.

Kay 🎂

Saturday, May 19, 2018

There is No Place Like Home!

Ok, Mom won't let me take her pic, but Midge is very happy to have her person home! And mom is very happy to be back in her comfy bed with bed hog Midge! Picked mom up at 11:00 this a.m. She is enjoying her comfy bed at the moment. She was up for a hearty supper, surprised me with her appetite, she had tortellini, salad and garlic bread, then another piece of garlic bread, and then coffee and a white long john. Midge is stuck to her like glue! LOL 

Life is good. Praise be.


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Lovely May Sunday


Patient care conference and another doc appointment for mom this week. I'm hopeful a discharge date will be forthcoming very soon. If it is not we will stage a rehab breakout soon. Mom's sweet roommate, Ruth, my vet's mother, went home Friday. She was so happy to be going home to her dog. And her husband, I'm sure! LOL  Though she only shared her excitement about seeing her beloved border collie with me lol. Probably because her hubby had been to visit, the dog had not.

Midge is sure missing mom. I can tell because she is being somewhat affectionate with me. Midge went to bed just fine one night, I couldn't find her the next a.m., knew something was up. Finally found her and wow was she limping! It has improved over the last couple of days, so no vet trip yet. Ironic that I've seen her vet nearly every day for a week and a half!  What the heck kind of mischief did she get into over night I wonder? I'm glad someone has a nightlife though.

Other than that pretty quiet. Went over to Johns yesterday, worked a puzzle, visited with his sweet kitties (when they were awake), had some yummy gorditas from the Mexican store in Streator for Cinco de Mayo, picked up some bargains at Kroger, stopped in Marseilles for some garden plants on the way home.

Have a great week!

Broke a nail. Ouch. It is making the garden planting extra fun.
Hera was a big help with the puzzle.

Beautiful old Springbok jigsaw puzzle from a yard sale, "Flowers in a Vase" by Henri Rousseau. Dad told me that Grandma Mallaney liked jigsaw puzzles.  

Nap time contortions, Isis appears headless.. Yes, the big girl is Hera, the cat that was deathly ill with the liver issue.
She is beautiful and healthy now, though perhaps a bit overweight . . .

Thursday, April 26, 2018

No More Sling!

Mom had an appointment with the cardiologist today. He's tweaking some meds, she is still having periods of elevated heart rate, and he wants to see her back in two weeks. She gets to take off her sling and use her left arm again! That means physical therapy can commence in earnest! She hasn't been able to use her walker at all due to restrictions on use of her left arm. Hopefully we will be able to get her home from Park Pointe soon. After the appointment today we were sitting outside in the sunshine, waiting for the hospital van to come and take her back to Park Pointe (it was too cold for her inside, the ac was on), and I think the fresh air did her good. It was delightfully warm in the sun. I also predict she will sleep like a baby tonight after her outing and some fresh air. At least I hope so! She is improving, albeit slowly, every day, and she is no longer cranky! Woo hoo! I think it helps that she has a roommate now, and a full table at meals. I pop over on my lunch break and usually catch them all at the table. A little pleasant company is a good thing. Population was down when she got to Park Pointe, but it must be picking up now, darn it. We just want her home.

Enjoying this spring weather, finally! And looking forward to getting my hands dirty in the garden.

Kay :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Poor (Cranky) Jo Ann

Well, Mom is not in a good mood. Joe described her as "a little out of sorts".  She was moved to rehab over at Park Pointe Friday night. Granted, the poor woman is exhausted and weak, doesn't feel well, and does not want to be at Park Pointe. And to top it off she is having trouble sleeping. I guess I would be "out of sorts" too.  The pacemaker doctor does not want her using her left arm at all (her dominant arm), so she is stuck using that right arm, the one with the broken elbow that did not heal properly. That is frustrating the hell out of her.  She has been doing a little therapy, but they won't be able to do much until she can use her left arm, because she needs a walker.

They never did figure out what made mom so sick. Her vitals have been stable so hopefully she will start to feel better soon. I spoke to her doctors yesterday to see if maybe some medication she is taking is disturbing her sleep.

Pray that Mom starts to feel better soon, and recovers from the Pacemaker from Hell, and if you want to send a card to cheer her up, please send it to house, 721 E Benton Street, Morris, IL 60450 and we will get it to her. I'm not sure how long she'll be at rehab but, realistically, I don't see how she can strengthen her legs until she is able to use the left arm to use the walker, and that is still 10 days out according to her doctor. Thank you to those who have sent cards already, they make her smile.

I didn't have time to scan them today, but we came across an old box of report cards today and I found all the aunts, and Uncle Pat and Uncle Eddie's grade reports from 8th grade. The dates started with Aunt Monica, so I do not have Dad and Uncle Jim, but I'm still hunting through some old stuff. I gotta say, not only are the Mallaneys good looking, they are smart too. But we already knew that!

Take care all.

Kay :)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mom Update

Well it has been an interesting week. My visits to mom brought news of high heart rate, fevers, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, mixed in with stretches where all her numbers were fine. Mom's tests revealed nothing. The doctors said an increased heart rate is USUALLY brought on by an infection. They were never able to figure out anything specific. The pumped her full of antibiotics (a bunch of different ones it seems) and hopefully that has taken care of things. She was moved off the mid-ICU unit today to the regular floor, and if she has a good night she may be discharged to rehab at Park Pointe tomorrow. That is same place she rehabbed from broken hip at the end of last year. She is pale and whooped. and her appetite isn't great, but I'm sure that will pick up as she regains her strength. The pacemaker doc has restricted use of her left arm (the pacemaker is on the left side) for two more weeks, so she is forced to use that right arm, the one where she broke the elbow and opted for a non-surgical approach of healing, and she really has trouble using it. She is using her left arm some when she is unattended lol, and I don't blame her. Hard for her to eat with that right arm, but on the other hand it is good for her to use it, but not good for her to be frustrated! ARGHHH Doctor said she can't use left arm for two more weeks, so I'm not sure how much physical therapy she will be able to do until that time is up, as she will be unable to use the walker.

At this point in time, and I just left her a few minutes ago, her temperature was normal, blood pressure was normal, and heart rate was normal. Let's pray things stay that way and she can start to get her strength back! We want her back home.  We need to sit outside with our coffee in the mornings and laugh at our kitties and admire the garden and wait impatiently for garden tomatoes!

Mom enjoyed hearing about the Mallaney cousin luncheon last week, a splendid time had by all!

Gotta love that french pedicure!

And lest I forget. Happy Birthday today to Midge and Finnegan. Shut up John! Nine years old today. How time flies. Best cats ever.

Midge has always been especially photogenic. Look at her smizing. 

That's all for now!

Kay ☺